competition awards

2015 - 2010 

1st PRIZE / 2015 Zaspa "Air Strip" Organized by BUDIMEX S.A.



1st PRIZE / 2015 Granary Island Organized by GRANARIA


1st PRIZE / 2015 "Officer" Office building Organized by PANORAMA Sp. z o.o.

1st PRIZE / 2014  New Marina in Gdynia  nationwide contest SARP / PZŻ                                             

1st PRIZE / 2012   Historical Heritage Centre in Gdańsk International competion SARP / City of Gdańsk

1st PRIZE / 2013  Sanatorium in Gdynia organized by City of Gdynia and "Zdrowie" Sp. z o.o.

3rd PRIZE / 2011 Presidents Waterfront in Gdynia nationwide contest SARP / INTERIKEA

2010 - 2000


1st PRIZE / 2010
Museum of World War II   International  contest organized by Ministry of Culture  

1st PRIZE / 2007  Motława Apartmets in Gdańsk  International contest   SARP/ Invest Komfort S.A. 


3rd PRIZE / 2010 Granary Island            nationwide contest SARP / Polnord S.A       

1st PRIZE/ 2006 Świętojański quarter in Gdynia    nationwide contest City of Gdynia / Allcon S.A.

MENTION / 2008   ECS in Gdańsk  International competition organized by  SARP

MENTION / 2005 Maritime Museum in Gdańsk      nationwide contest SARP / Maritime Museum

3rd PRIZE  / 2008 New City hall in Gdynia                            nationwide contest SARP                           

2nd PRIZE / 2002
World Trade Center in Gdynia  International contest  SARP/ Invest Komfort S.A.

2nd PRIZE  / 2008 Park Rady Europy in Gdynia International contest  SARP / City of Gdynia 

2nd PRIZE  / 2000 Sea Bulward in Gdynia International contest  SARP / City of Gdynia

2000 - 1989

1st PRIZE / 1997 Faculty of Law and Administration of UG

1st PRIZE/ 1994 HOSSA office building in Gdynia

2nd PRIZE  / 1997 City center of Pruszcz Gdański  

1st PRIZE / 1994 Campus of the University of Gdansk

1st PRIZE / 1995 Shopping Center in Reda

1st PRIZE / 1993 Monte Cassino Promenade in Sopot

MENTION / 1995 Rafineria Gdańska Office Building 

1st PRIZE / 1992
City center of Malbork 

1st PRIZE / 1994 Sopot railway station  area 

1st PRIZE / 1989 Estate "Warsaw Suburb" in Elblag


other awards

1st PRIZE  /2014  Pomorskie Marshal Award for Best Public Space               Infobox Gdynia


1st PRIZE  /2012  President of Sopot Award for Best Projects of 2012 House in Sopot

1st PRIZE  /2009 Pomorskie Marshal Award for the best public space Boulevard in Gdynia


1st PRIZE  /2009   National competition "Gates of the Country"                         Boulevard in Gdynia


1st PRIZE  /2006   The "Time of Gdynia" award for the best building in Gdynia      „VECTRA” in Gdynia

 MENTION /2004    The "Time of Gdynia" award for the best building in Gdynia        "MARITEX" S.A

1st PRIZE  /2006  The "Building of the Year" for the office building                         „VECTRA” in Gdynia

2nd DEGREE PRIZE / 2001 Minister of Construction Award for  creative achievements